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On the list of significant dates in New York City history, April 24, 2006, does not rank high.As Fabiola Beracasa's grandmother used to say, "When you are in the middle of the soup you can't see the edge of the bowl," and at the time New York was firmly in the middle of soup.Though its beginnings were humble, the site would prove to be a lit match that, tossed at the ego and ambition and self-interest that fuels New York City, set a fire that spread so wide and so quickly that soon even people outside the white-hot center were choking on the smoke.In the end, many of those it celebrated were lost to that time, buried in ash like the poor people of Pompeii.Wall Street was booming, and across the city men were sucking on cigars and slicking their hair back in naked homage to Gordon Gekko.Meanwhile, blondes in flouncy dresses teetered on Jimmy Choos in imitation of Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress and star who had made a career out of idle wealth.Sitting down at her computer, she found a stack of digital envelopes, many of them from friends, directing her to a new website: socialrank.

"They were changing into ,000 frocks in the backs of cabs." Some, like Zani Gugelmann and Byrdie Bell, were using the exposure to launch fashion or acting careers.

And while the members of this set looked down on Paris Hilton for her vulgarity (and her sex tape), they couldn't help admiring her hustle, especially when she revealed in a 2005 profile that she was regularly paid 0,000 for appearing at a party for 20 minutes. Soon young ladies from families with robust credit accounts were referring to themselves as heiresses and clamoring to get photographed at events.

"It was the dawn of the internet as we know it, where anyone could get famous," says Paula Froelich, then a gossip columnist for the 's Page Six section, which, like most other publications, began chronicling the doings of these bright young things even as the papers' editors struggled to differentiate between a Bridie and a Byrdie.

Morgan had a master's in journalism from the University of Southern California; he wanted to be the next Gay Talese. Hunsecker from Morgan didn't have to look far for material.

But he had even, white teeth and tousled prep-school hair, and the kid filled out a tuxedo nicely. Back then, everyone in New York was rich—or, thanks to lax lending standards, seemed to be.

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"If you're spending $500 to $1,000 on bottle service," one carouser of the time says, "why not spend that much to be in a place where there was going to be a higher caliber of people?

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