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Additionally, you should delete the desktop icon that was created as it will run the launcher instead of as noted above.Browse to the folder where you installed the game, from there go into Data and then there should be a subfolder based upon your language such as en US or en GB.What’s more, it can be purchased very cheaply and, unlike the more restrictive sequel, played on even older computers throughout the house.

When the installation finishes it will begin to try and install newer patches of the game, make sure to cancel this immediately to avoid any issues.You can find the original client full download on File Planet, a much safer alternative than using a torrent which could have been modified in some way.The client comes in a zip file, you can use a built in zip extractor or a third party program such as 7zip.This can be generally found on their website, additionally, we also list all realmlist data for the servers listed here at DKPminus.For example if you check our Warmane private server entry you’ll see that your file should be empty except for: Now that you have the game installed and the client setup properly you need to update the client to the version that almost all private servers use.

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Starcraft will install just fine on modern versions of Windows, no special steps need to be taken.

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