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The first authentic voyager, however, to our actual shores was Theodoric Hertoge, subsequently known as Dirk Hartog—bound from Holland to India.

He arrived at the western coast between the years 16.

Tasman was instructed to inquire from the native inhabitants for Pelsart's two convicts, and to bring them away with him, if they entreated him; but they were never heard of again.

The original journals of the field notes, from which the present narrative is compiled, were published, as each expedition ended, as parliamentary papers by the Government of the Colony of South Australia.Carpenter was the next navigator, and all these adventurers have indelibly affixed their names to portions of the coast of the land they discovered.The next, and a greater than these, at least greater in his navigating successes, was Abel Janz Tasman, in 1642.An island on the west coast bears his name: there he left a tin plate nailed to a tree with the date of his visit and the name of his ship, the Endragt, marked upon it.Not very long after Theodoric Hertoge, and still to the western and north-western coasts, came Zeachern, Edels, Nuitz, De Witt, and Pelsart, who was wrecked upon Houtman's Albrolhos, or rocks named by Edels, in his ship the Leewin or Lion. Pelsart left two convicts on the Australian coast in 1629.

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