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Reviews irish dating sites

The silky smooth slightly soapy "ambergris" clean smell that you are left with after the initial green and citrus is one of the most delightful and natural smelling fragrance scents, period.Of course some might not like this dry-down, and to each his/her own, but few would argue that the scent journey GIT takes you on is anything but entirely natural.It smells classic, but not necesarily barbershop or old-school forgere-like.It’s hard to pin-down, but there is something so wonderfully gentleman and polished about this.Online shops offers: Fragrance 3 items for 5.19 - 204.74 uk 4 items for 5.49 - 185.00 GBPGalaxy Perfume 2 items for 5.53 - 180.01 GBPSaks Fifth Avenue - UK 1 product for 77.80 GBPFragrance UK 3 items for 112.17 - 207.86 GBPFragrance 3 items for 152.99 - 283.49 1 product for 197.95 GBPView products...Green Irish Tweed by Creed is a classic Fougere fragrance.Yes, I've compared the scent of Cool Water and it is similar but it has none of the magical dry-down properties of GIT and the beginning is much brasher and artificial.It's the equivalent of comparing Johnnie Walker to a bottle of 25 year old Balvenie...yes, they are both Scotch and JW is totally acceptable on it's own merits and for the $, but if you do a blind taste test there's no contest.

Maybe merlin the wizard used to wear it , who knows If you've seen the Excalibur movie I'm on about then you'd remember the fresh green airy, atmospheric scenery to this movie, Medieval but I'm talking top level , not the poor infected with the plague type ,thats the kinda feeling that I get from green Irish tweed . Green Irish tweed and Original Vetiver probably go hand in hand , especially when you look at the bottles Medieval but we talking top level not the poor infected with the plague type.There is also something musky, possibly the ambergris, that makes this lean masculine, though women could pull it off.Green Irish Tweed has a nostalgic vibe, but never smells dated or overly mature.In the warmer weather, I get fantastic performance.Usually around 8 hours of longevity with around 3 of a good sillage, but of course that depends on how active I am/how much I sweat.

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Thanks a million Dear Dallali* Green Irish Tweed's opening is all about the mint: green, herbal, natural and fresh.

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