Protect your valuables online dating sex offender website phoenix az

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Protect your valuables online dating

Should you need to wade through water, zipper-type sandwich or gallon-sized plastic bags can keep papers, medications and cash dry.You'll want to keep some cash on hand, as ATMs may not work following a disaster.So each year, review your homeowner's policy and ask questions.With replacement cost policies, you're covered for today's cost of replacing damaged possessions.It pays to protect the items you love – like your mobile or laptop.

"Not knowing beforehand what their policies cover — and don't," says Salvatore.

Other low-cost items worth buying: a corded telephone, which unlike cordless models, will still work if the power goes out; flexible cable or metal strapping to secure large appliances (especially your hot water heater, so it doesn't topple over during tornados or hurricanes and cause more flooding); and childproof latches to hold cabinets closed so they don't spill their contents.

If you're a two-car household and evacuating in one vehicle, what do you do with the other?

We’re committed to making insurance simple to understand – and to buy – so it’s easy to protect everything in your bubble.

En español | Devastating floods, killer tornados, wind-fueled wildfires, disastrous hurricanes.

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Make a backup set of electronic copies and save them on CDs, DVDs or external drives that should be stored in another safe location, such as a bank safe deposit box or the distant home of a trusted friend or relative.

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