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It also supervises and monitors such entities relative to their compliance with laws, rules and regulations administered by the Commission. The Compliance and Enforcement Department ensures compliance by all market participants, issuers and individuals, and takes appropriate enforcement action against them for legal infraction of the Code and other relevant laws, rules and regulations implemented by the Commission. The Human Resource and Administrative Department is responsible for all activities relating to personnel and human resource management, including benefits, training and development.

It also handles the central receiving, records management, general administrative and maintenance services of the Commission. The Economic Research and Information Department provides investment and economic research, analysis and advice to the Commission.

It is also the lead technical support group of the Commission for software development, database management, hardware procurement, and establishment and maintenance of a communication network. The Office of the General Counsel, headed by the General Counsel, shall serve as the lead legal adviser to the Commission.

It also serves as legal liaison for the Commission with other government agencies, self-regulatory organizations and foreign government regulators and agencies.

The term shall include, but not limited to, bonds and notes. Material Fact/Information means any fact/information that could result in a change in the market price or value of any of the issuer’s securities, or would potentially affect the investment decision of an investor.

Derivative is a financial instrument whose value changes in response to the change in a specified interest rate, security price, commodity price, foreign exchange rate, index of prices or rates, a credit rating or credit index, or similar variable or underlying factor.

Its company registration and enforcement functions shall be performed by the Company Registration and Monitoring Department and Compliance and Enforcement Department, respectively. The Market Regulation Department develops the registration criteria for all market participants and supervises them to ensure compliance with registration requirements and endorses infractions of the Code and rules and regulations to the Compliance and Enforcement Department. The Corporation Finance Department registers securities before they are offered for sale or sold to the public and ensures that adequate information is available about the said securities.

It also ensures that investors have access to all material disclosures regarding the said offering and the securities of public companies.

Warrants are rights to subscribe or purchase new shares or existing shares in a company on or before a predetermined date, called the expiry date, which can only be extended in accordance with the Commission rules and regulations and/or the Exchange rules.

Warrants generally have a longer exercise period than options and are evidenced by warrant certificates. An investment contract means a contract, transaction or scheme (collectively “contract”) whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise and is led to expect profits primarily from the efforts of others. Long term commercial paper means an evidence of indebtedness of any person with a maturity of more than three hundred sixty-five (365) days.

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It requires no initial or little net investment relative to other types of contracts that have similar responses to changes in market conditions. This term shall include, but not limited, to the following:1.

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