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Any pet is welcome here from dogs and cats to horses and lizards, and are all eligible to be nominated for pet of the day.There are also subcategories of dog of the day, as well as cat of the day.For some reason, movie producers love to sic a demon after a helpless puppy, or queue the heart wrenching sadness when a person’s childhood dog has to be put to sleep. allows you to type in any movie title and find out what happens to the dog, from being hurt but alright, to full-on dying.This site also tells you when one of the movies has been verified or not, so there are no surprises.Avoid emotional trauma and fright by double checking with this helpful list.Oh Mi Dog Humans have lots of social media dedicated to our interests, desires, fears, and hobbies.Often, most of the places that are considered “destinations” or “attractions” have no tolerance for our furry family members.

If you need to do research to help your furry family member stay safe and up to date with hazards, or if you simply want to pamper them with love and cuteness, Oh Mi Dog is definitely a place to check out.They kicked off June 1st in Dallas and will be held in several other cities, including Philadelphia, Chicago, and Vancouver.The mixers will include local food trucks and appearances by professional pet trainers.If you’re already a member, you can find out more on their website.“Dating can be a dog-eat-dog world, so one way to get a leg-up on the competition is to adopt a dog – especially if you’re a guy,” says Whitney Casey, Match relationship expert.

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Oh Mi Dog is a social media and informational site dedicated to all the things that make dogs wonderful.