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Pandoras box dating

Vin introduces you to two kinds of women – Realists and Idealists.

He shows you how her dream relationship is 1 of 2 extremes, and also how this dream relationship impacts everything from the first time you kiss her to the first time you have sex.

6) The Time Line (Test vs Invest): With this sixth part, you’ll begin to learn all about the Time Line.

Vin introduces you to 2 kinds of women – Testers and Investors.

They actually sneak their way into every single aspect of a woman’s life.

But once you understand these five vital keys, you’ll finally know how to get her total devotion, from which you can learn more about the 3 Mind Lines, which are covered in section 5 of The Core System.

These 8 types are The Cinderella, Connoisseur, Your Private Dancer, Modern Woman, Hopeful Romantic, Seductress, Social Butterfly, and the Playette.

2) Redefining the Goal: With this second part, you’ll discover why the objective of Pandora’s Box isn’t just to date her, sleep with her, or get her to become your girlfriend…

It’s something Vin and Brian call “Total Devotion”, which is the quickest, easiest way to get her hooked on your presence any time you’re with her.

7) The Sex Line (Deny vs Justify): With this seventh part, you’ll begin to learn all about the Sex Line.

Vin introduces you to two kinds of women – Deniers and Justifiers.

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It’s worth noting that these questions aren’t questions you ask the woman, they’re actually 3 questions you must ask yourself the woman in order to figure out how to win her over. The more important videos, pdfs, and audios are made available immediately upon entering the members area, while others are given out over the course of the 33 week program (new content is made available to members on a weekly basis).

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