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You’re probably well-familiar with this kind of movie – “conventional career drone loosens up through socialization” is a pretty tried-and-true narrative framework, after all – but L’Auberge Espagnole has a breezy, unfussy earnestness that compliments its post-European Union identity.—A. Two have come to rekindle their sex life, while another couple grapples with how a prestigious grad program will force them hundreds of miles apart.

For the third, the revelation that one of them doesn’t know how to ride a bike spurs a begrudging effort to grow together. Grosse Pointe Blank Year: 1997 Director: George Armitage A slick combo of dark comedy, romance and ‘80s nostalgia, Grosse Pointe Blank is almost a partner to star John Cusack’s later film, High Fidelity.

Here are the Best Romantic Movies Streaming on Netflix: 50.

L’auberge Espagnole Director: Cédric Klapisch Year: 2003 Maybe “Europudding” is a pejorative term for a reason, and maybe L’Auberge Espagnole is kinda the definition of Europudding.

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is a 2011 coming-of-age Flemish drama that follows Pim, a teen boy who lives with his troubled mother, and falls in love with his best friend Gino.But while the serene backdrop seems like the perfect place to soften the blows of their difficult issues, the tension that boils may be enough to end each relationship altogether. Both are about lonely men rethinking their direction in life set to a great soundtrack, but only in Grosse Pointe Blank does John Cusack play a hitman who murders Dan Aykroydwith a television.That’s Not Us is a fleeting and bare look into the lives of six twentysomethings as they fight growing older and growing apart to be the people—and couples—they fell in love with. All that violence, and it still managed to capture the sweetness of returning home, and reconnecting with the one that got away/the one you left on prom night.—Garrett Martin and Shannon Houston 47.Bruno meets Fer, an out gay history teacher to whom he has a strong attraction, while working on a public monument in Santiago.If you're feeling the love for the country of berets and baguettes, we've got some French romance movie recommendations for you.

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