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) Now I've started hunting for ADFs I've discovered that lots of stuff is in LHA or DMS format. They need to be unpacked after which the individual files can be copied whereever you need them.

What's the easiest way to get this stuff on to my Amiga? As your A500 doesn't have all that much RAM, these operations will involve a lot of disk swapping if attempted on that system.

There are plenty of tutorials regarding Win UAE around the interwebs so try following one of those, and of course ask if there is something specific you are having trouble with Well, I think I got my head around ADFOpus.

It's actually perfect for this sort of thing, allows you to create a blank ADF and copy downloaded files to it.

Within Win UAE you could crank up the RAM to 8 megs or set up a virtual hard drive which would make all of this much simpler.

Getting it to work should really only be a matter of copying over a Kickstart ROM image (which you could extract from your A500, but again, Google can provide) and loading up a suitable quickstart configuration which you can then customize to taste.

Are you sure you are not looking at the diagram backwards or something?

I'm going to go have a play with it now and see if Octamed recognises the sampler.The Gotek is in an external case and I have not yet installed the switch to allow booting from it, but I was hoping to be able to access the ADFs (and run Octamed from Workbench). Out of interest I did find that a magazine cover demo of Dyna Blaster (which is obviously in a weird screen mode, as it plays with a wonky border and flickers on a TV) didn't display at all on the monitor (black screen only), but Workbench stuff seems super cool. Re getting it working, basically it was a case of going to the command line in Workbench and running SELECTOR. Touch wood it seems to be working fine now although I haven't tested it extensively. ADF in the cortex boot list but hopefully I'm back on track now. I'd like the Amiga to replace the PC in the studio but I need to get to grips with it first.I tried another USB drive with just 2 ADFs on it (and not SELECTOR. On the wish list is a copy of Master Sound to accompany the sampler.You shouldn't be using original Workbench floppies for daily operation, they belong in a safe box far from magnets files are similar to files in that they represent a floppy disk image. files are simply archives, like you would commonly have on a PC.They need to be unpacked after which the individual files can be copied whereever you need them.

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