Legality of adult chat as evidence

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Our industry will grow as the local market develops, providing tens of thousands of jobs, tens of millions in tax revenue, and billions in potential economic activity in Australia.

Above all else, being a part of your industry’s trade association supports our ongoing efforts to change outdated laws that hamper the potential growth of the cannabis industry and the bottom line of every business in the industry. From Conferences, Expo’s & Fundraisers, our future events will be the premier industry networking opportunities in the Asian region & will attract the best and brightest research scientists, business leaders & investors in the industry.

Psychosis occurred more frequently following long-term heavy use than among non-users, but no schizophrenia was noted in this study.5 A recent review of the evidence implicating Cannabis in the development of schizophrenia found only that it can accelerate its expression at an earlier age and may aggravate existing schizophrenia.

Extreme views in the debate about any form of Cannabis decriminalisation are advanced with almost religious fervour.On the one hand, some assert that Cannabis is a dangerous, highly addictive drug which causes schizophrenia, and that any move to relax prohibition would be a disaster. On the other hand are those who have used Cannabis for years, swearing it causes no trouble.They see prohibition as a totally inappropriate curb on individual freedom.The Australian Cannabis Industry Association was founded on the principle of power in numbers.The thousands of potential Australian businesses involved anticipating state-legal cannabis industries will represent a tremendous economic force in this country as the industry emerges.

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The clinical trial proposed, if successful, presumes that Cannabis would then be approved and regulated as a pharmaceutical substance. Cannabis can never be a pharmaceutical agent in the usual sense for medical prescription, as it contains a variety of components of variable potency and actions, depending on its origin, preparation and route of administration.

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