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Ghosts 'n Goblins (Arcade) To get you through (not likely) all this craziness are several weapons that can be acquired during play.

You begin each game with a lance that takes a straight path across the screen and can have only two of them on screen at once.

As if it wasn't challenging enough to make it through the game just once.

(You're informed that the final room is a "a trap devised by Satan".) Then you need to kill the final boss—a demon named Astaroth—with the weakest weapon (a cross in the Japanese version, a Shield in the West).

Ghosts 'n Goblins is widely considered to be among the most difficult games ever made in any genre, and it has gained an even higher level of infamy due to the game forcing you to replay the entire thing at an even higher difficulty setting after you beat the game.

The Commodore 64 port plays pretty well, but only has the first four levels, with the third and fourth in reverse order, and lets you begin with five lives.

This version features original music that's fairly popular among C64 fans, even though there's only two complete tracks, composed by Mark Cooksey.

There is also a dagger that works mostly the same except that it moves faster.

The torch travels with an arc and explodes into a burst of flames upon hitting the ground.

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It's not exactly great for rapid-fire as a result, but surprisingly effective against the Red Arremer.

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