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The SSS customer service officer was obviously already tired, and was grumpy, but later on, she tried her best to sound pleasant. Before you call, write data, numbers or information so you can give correct data immediately.To maximize the time with the SSS officer, be ready with your SSS number. You can also use other SSS communication systems for members' inquiries: Text SSS My.One of the laws he has authored is the Tax Exemption for Minimum Wage Earners Law or Republic Act No. Available from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 7 pm the next day I called SSS one night, when the previous 16-hour service was launched, and somebody picked my call immediately.Contrary to public belief, the Philippines has a good number of laws that protects the homebuyer against unscrupulous people like unlicensed agents or outright scammers.

If you are unable to fulfill your financial obligation within the given grace period, your developer may cancel the sales contract after 30 days from the time you receive the notice or demand of cancellation of the contract. This way, the life insurance covers the buyer’s mortgage in terms of the insured’s death.

The Real Estate Service Act requires homebuyers to buy properties from licensed real estate brokers only.

If dealing with a licensed estate sales agent, the agent will be registered with the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service.

In other words, are you not connected with a single company that considers you on its monthly payroll?

But if you are self-employed or you are on a business by yourself, you already know that you are in control of your financial direction, right?

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In April, Angara said in his explanatory note to Senate Bill No.