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Codex diplomaticus silesiae online dating

The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified.Thietmar records that the Bohemians "secretly called Wlodowej from Poland" after Duke Boleslav was deposed and that he "was unanimously elected in his place because of his consanguinity" (after 979-).Einhard's Annales record a council at Frankfurt in 822 attended by legates from "orientalium Sclavorum, id est Abodritorum, Soraborum, Wiltzorum, Beheimorum, Marvanorum, Prdenecentorum et in Pannonia residentium Avarum".The Polanian state was formed in the first half of the 9th century in the area where the towns of Gniezno and Poznan were founded, with the Gopleani (in the Goplo region) and the Lendizi developing as its two political entities.However, as noted below, if it is correct that Adelajda, wife of Geza Prince of Hungary, was the sister of Prince Mieszko, her estimated birth date range indicates the probability that she was born from a later marriage.] Ziemomysl & his wife had three children:, Adelajda was the daughter not sister of Mieszko I Prince of Poland, although the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified.If this is correct, she was an otherwise unrecorded daughter by his first wife (name not known), assuming that Prince Mieszko's marriage to Dobroslawa of Bohemia is correctly dated to 965.In [990], Prince Mieszko donated his whole country to the papacy, signalling an assertion of his autonomy from the empire (at that time still controlled by the regent Empress Theophano) while at the same time affirming papal pre-eminence, which suggests that they were polygamous marriages.While this is probably an exaggeration to contrast his previous pagan ways with his post-baptismal way of life, it does seem probable that Mieszko married earlier than 965 especially if he was born in the earlier part of the estimated birth date range shown above.

He offered safe passage through Poland for St Adalbert, expelled as Bishop of Prague, who entered Prussia to convert the pagans.This would place King Svends marriage rather earlier than the date suggested below, but the idea is not impossible.This is one of the possibilities for the origin of the first wife of Svend I King of Denmark, based solely on Thietmar who refers to the mother of "filiis Suenni" as "Miseconis filia ducis, soror Bolizlavi successori eius"(-[Jan/Mar] 1003).After her arrival in Poland, she converted Prince Mieszko to Christianity and was instrumental in the conversion of the whole country in 966The name of Toves father, "Mistiuis", on the Runic stone bears some similarity to Mstivoj.However, one difficulty is the apparent chronological discrepancy.

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The dispute was mediated in Quedlinburg in 973 by Emperor Otto.

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