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Distinctions, rejections, or acceptances based on qualifications required for a specific job shall not be considered as discrimination.SECTION III PUBLIC ORDER Article 13 The provisions of this law are of the nature of public order, excepting derogations provided expressly.Article 2 All natural persons or legal entities, public or private, are considered to be employers who constitute an enterprise, within the meaning of this law, provided that they employ one or more workers, even discontinuously.Every enterprise may consist of several establishments, each employing a group of people working together in a defined place such as in factory, workshop, work site, etc., under the supervision and direction of the employer.

Article 8 “Apprentices” are those who have entered into an apprenticeship contract with an employer or artisan who has contracted to teach or use someone to teach the apprentice his occupation; and in return, the apprentice has to work for the employer according to the conditions and terms of the contract.

29 on the Forced or Compulsory Labour, adopted on June 28, 1930 by the International Labour Organisation and ratified by the Kingdom of Cambodia on February 24, 1969.

This article applies to everyone, including domestics or household servants and all workers in agricultural enterprises or businesses.

Article 16 Hiring of people for work to pay off debts is forbidden.

CHAPTER II ENTERPRISES- ESTABLISHMENTS SECTION I DECLARATION OF THE OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE ENTERPRISE Article 17 All employers to whom this labour law is applied, shall make a declaration to the Ministry in charge of Labour when opening an enterprise or establishment.

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SECTION IV PUBLICITY Article 14 The employer must keep at least one copy of the labour law at the disposal of his workers and, in particular, of the workers’ representatives in every enterprise or establishment set forth in Article 1 of this law.