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I am a preacher’s daughter, the youngest of seven children.In the world I grew up in, the pastor and his family always had to be perfect.The Recovering Grace team understands the seriousness of the allegations made in this story containing descriptions of conduct of a sexual nature between a minor and an authority figure.This story, more so than others, has caused the RG team to examine our hearts, to ensure that our motives are pure as we humbly seek to balance justice with grace and mercy.When she sued him, he was forced to admit what he did and apologise to her. He didn’t like me very much.” The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Goodger, has recently revealed she was filmed in bed with her ex-boyfriend without her knowledge.

She released a You Tube video when the tape came out explaining that they’d been together for two years when they took the video, and had discussed marriage and kids. However, Tulisa definitely was, and her situation is particularly frightening.She was enjoying well-earned career success when her ex decided to publish that footage.Unlike other celebrities who are rumoured to have released their own sex tapes, the video of Tulisa was released by her ex-boyfriend, who she had broken up with back in 2009. This deed, where ex-partners post explicit pictures and videos of their former lovers, has been on the rise in the UK during the past year.Generally, it is women who are subjected to revenge porn and find intimate pictures of themselves plastered all over the internet.

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