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I do not recognize any operative proposal of yours." Thus, sources close to Defense Minister Liberman said after the debate that the Ministry will be promoting a government bill on the matter, which would freeze - rather than deduct - the transfer of payments to the PA."The government bill will provide the best and most comprehensive response to the issue, and will make the private legislative initiatives on the subject redundant," the sources said.The decision to present a concrete plan makes sense if ground is prepared in advance. You have to show people — no, something is different this time.If you simply resume negotiations and nothing accompanies it, nobody will take it seriously, Mr. [NYTimes] REPORT: "Saudis told Abbas to accept Trump peace plan or resign" by Sue Surkes: "Abbas was called unexpectedly to Riyadh six days ago by the office of the powerful Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

There is no daylight between the United States and Israel on the critical importance of [stopping] the development of Iran's arsenal and ending its sponsorship of rogue regimes...

After 24 years, we are further away from peace than ever before. Until Taylor Force [Act] is passed, until the Iran deal is totally decertified, torn up and renegotiated, the establishment is just tapping along the Jewish community of this country and our partners in Israel."Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) touted Bannon's pro-Israel bona fides as he introduced him to the crowd. I will not breathe the same air as that terrorist.' He said, 'I will not be able to look you in the eye after breaking bread with someone [who has] Jewish blood on their hands.' ...

By the way, we havent moved the embassy, has that helped? "Earlier this year I had the opportunity to spend a good amount of time with Steve at the West Wing. Recently, Mahmoud Abbas visited Washington, and Arthur Schwartz called up his friend Steve Bannon and asked him what it was like? As a Jewish man, as someone who is one of two Jewish Republicans in Congress, [I can say] Steve Bannon is a friend of Israel and he is a friend of Judaism." U. Ambassador David Friedman: We came into office on the heels of perhaps the greatest betrayal of Israel by a sitting president in American history.

Ron De Santis (R-FL), former Senator Joe Lieberman, professor Alan Dershowitz, and Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy.

HOW IT PLAYED: "At the Zionist Organization of Americas annual gala Sunday evening, Stephen Bannon, Sean Spicer, and Sebastian Gorka got to be rock stars again." [Daily Beast]JI EXCLUSIVE -- Jason Greenblatt pushed Congress to water down Taylor Force Act -- by Aaron Magid: The Trump administrations Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt lobbied Congressional offices to add new exemptions to the Taylor Force Act, a senior Republican Senate aide and second Congressional staffer confirmed to .

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