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An example of Baekje architecture may be gleaned from Horyu-ji temple because Baekje architects and craftsmen helped design and construct the original temple.The tomb of King Muryeong held a treasure trove of artifacts not looted by grave robbers.The kingdom was the last to adopt Buddhism and foreign cultural influences.The Silla Kingdom tombs were mostly inaccessible and so many examples of Korean art come from this kingdom.Between 2000 BC and 300 BC bronze items began to be imported and made in Korea.By the seventh century BC, an indigenous bronze culture was established in Korea as evidenced by Korean bronze having a unique percentage of zinc.Items manufactured during this time were weapons such as swords, daggers, and spearheads.Also, ritual items such as mirrors, bells, and rattles were made.

Mumun-type pottery emerged approximately 2000 BC and is characterized as large, undecorated pottery, mostly used for cooking and storage.These items were buried in dolmens with the cultural elite.Additionally, iron-rich red pots began to be created around circa 6th century.Baekje was also one of the kingdoms to introduce a significant Korean influence into the art of Japan during this time period.While there are no surviving examples of wooden architecture, the Mireuksa site holds the foundation stones of a destroyed temple and two surviving granite pagodas that show what Baekje architecture may have looked.

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